Goodbye 2015...

...and HELLO New Year!  Bring on 2016, it can only be an improvement on the last.  While 2015 was overall very successful with a number of goals reached and even exceeded, there were quite a few moments I could have done without, healthwise mainly for both myself and husband spring to mind. 

But those seemed to also be, in the long run, beneficial to both of us given the luxury of retrospection.  And something to be built on moving into a new phase of our lives.

I'm spending this New Year at home, score in hand for one of the operas I'm preparing for in 2016, my first engagement as Set and Costume Designer for the year so far.  It's the Australian premiere of Jonathan Dove's 2011 opera, Mansfield Park, for Operantics

I feel privileged to have been given this opportunity, not to mention nervous given it's the Australian Premiere of such a new, vital work.  There will be plenty of sharing here given this is such an exciting journey to embark on.  

In a few days I'll also be announcing some of the other engagements I have coming up during 2016...considering it hasn't even started yet, it's already proving to be an embarrassment of riches...Happy New Year to you and yours, may it be everything you have been working towards and waiting for.

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