Lost and Found - Bizet's Don Procopio

Once again the innovative new opera company serving rare delights to hungry audiences in Western Australia have come up with a winner of a production with Bizet's neglected early work, Don Procopio.  Their ethos is to perform neglected or forgotten operatic gems in found, unusual and original spaces reflective of the piece and this time they certainly didn't disappoint.

Not only that but they have a knack for getting top class performers from Australia wide but manage to keep the focus on Western Australian singers as a priority.  Well known names like Michael Lewis (with one of the best exits I've ever seen onstage) share the stage with emerging singers the likes of Stephanie Gooch, Alasdair Kent (the vocal standout of the evening), Claire Condipodero, Perry Joyce and Paull-Anthony Keightley.

The season has pretty much sold out but you can check out more information about the production and Lost and Found by going to their website.  It's been a wonderful experience working with them, even in my small capacity designing the program and poster.

Check out this review by The Australian here and if you don't have a ticket already, it might be too late.

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