I've been looking for this for years...

...and finally after giving up all hope of ever hearing it, found this on YouTube.  Thanks to apparent copyright issues, this forgotten gem was only ever released on CD once, years ago, in limited release  online sales only and costing an absolute fortune.

Because of this, the only Butterfly recordings by Caballe were from a live recording in limited sound, the love duet from the Duet album with husband Bernarbe Marti and the legendary Puccini recital for EMI conducted by Sir Charles Mackerras

All I can say is thank the internet gods for this Youtube upload by LIRICA Barcelona.  I'm yet to hear the entire recording but let me say that so far (up to Act 3) it's been well worth the wait.  It's VINTAGE Caballe, at her most self-indulgent best.

A possible review to follow...enjoy this in the meantime and comment with your thoughts while you have a great weekend...

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