Singers/Performers/Fellow Creatives take note…

... if you're in need of a website, message me before signing up for a “free” or cheap DYI job.

It’s easy to be sucked in by the modern ‘drag and drop’ mentality but if you are serious about pursuing your dream, spending your time learning how to put together an online presence that at the end of the day looks like everyone else is something I am sure you don’t need.

Why not ask a fellow Creative to do it? If you want someone who knows what they are doing and knows the difference between Bel Canto and Baroque, Verismo and Wagner then we need to talk.

I can design you anything from a basic one page web presence to a vast diary and archive of everything you have done in your performing career.  

Also, Social Media is now such an important tool for anyone wishing to create more exposure for themselves or their brand and it’s imperative that your website, no matter how basic, is integrated with your Social Media presence.

Contact me at for more information on what I can do for you.

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