2016: Burn it with fire!

This has been a very tough year, my very own annus horribilis.  To send it off in an appropriate fashion here is one of the most memorable musical moments for me from 2016, the final moments from Gotterdammerung with Irene Theorin.  In my mind the reigning Brunnhilde of our current generation.

I would like to thank everyone who has helped me get through this year, especially my husband, James Sutekh, my parents Brenda and John, and my sister Emma and her gorgeous family.  

Friends have also been very important and there are way too many to mention, but a big shout out to Robert Fletcher, Rodney Slapp, Amanda McKenna, James Eade, Katrina White, Jasper Silver, Fiona and Brad Smart, Michael Engel, and finally everyone at the State Head Injury Unit, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital.

Have a wonderful New Year, wherever you may be and whatever you do.  Stay safe, have fun and look after each other.

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