Website update/Recommended listening

My newly revised website is only days away from completion and it's times like this I realise two things: 1. how much work I have done over the years and 2. how time consuming and demanding designing a website really is, especially post-stroke.

This update keeps a very similar format to the last one but is more friendly for viewing on phones and tablets so stick around for news on when the new look goes 'live'.

I've always found it important to have a playlist while I work and Zandonai's opulent Fransesca da Rimini fits the bill very nicely.  I was introduced to this back in the early nineties when Decca released the highlights recording with Olivero and Del Monaco, coupled with Giordano's Fedora, on CD.  Both music and text completely captivated me from the moment I heard it.  From there I graduated to the complete RCA recording with Kabaivanska and Mattuezzi and fell in love even more with Zandonai's evocative score.

Unfortunately the opera's recorded legacy is somewhat of a disappointment and recordings have been frustratingly hard to come by.  One often wishes Decca recorded it complete with Magda and Mario, oh what might have been!

Over the years, thanks to the many recording labels releasing live recordings we have been treated to a range of treasures, some better than others.  Up until now however, studio recordings of this remarkable score have been scarce.

And now we have what is surely the best on disc.  I won't go too far into it as I plan to review this in more depth later but let me just say that I cannot stop listening.  It's fabulous.  Have a listen to the excerpt below to get a taste and try to seek this out where you can, you won't be disappointed.  More soon and in the meantime why not visit my website for a final look at it's old form?

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