New Website is NOW LIVE

Big news!  My new website is now live.  Even bigger news is that I have decided to once again sell prints of some of my favourite images.

 As you may already know, I suffered a series of strokes back in late June last year.  These past few months have been an epic journey of challenges and recovery which at times has been rather overwhelming, but I am getting there.

My vision was one of the things that suffered as a major result and as a Visual Artist and Designer this was a huge problem.  That and not being able to use my left arm as much as I used to, being a left hander and all - I'll never forget the Specialists saying to me in hospital that I won't be able to get full recovery of that back, it was devastating.

Getting prescription glasses has had a major impact as they have been able to push the permanent Scotomas (blind spots) I now have, out to where they do not affect my reading and visual comprehension as much as they did previously. They still do but not to the point where I have to read things out of the corner of my eye.

With this new development in mind I set about redesigning the way my website works as a good part of my cognitive therapy.  It’s been a challenge but the results are totally worth it.

You’ll find a number of changes, namely that you’ll find new look galleries, shop facilities in the ‘About’ page in the menu on any gallery page and all pages are now fully configured for phone and tablet. Of course due to the fact it is primarily a gallery site, it is preferable to be viewed on PC.

The Male Fantasy Art gallery is now open by subscription only and a lot more in depth, with images being added regularly.  You can also purchase prints there too.

I will be shortly introducing a series of gift cards for each gallery, as well as a few more ideas in development, more on that when they’re released.

The money raised from your purchase of images goes towards my recovery and improving my quality of life, which quite frankly, given the current perilous state of my finances due to my Acquired Brain Injury, sucks.

So take a look around and if you'd like to help out, please support an artist on one of the most challenging journeys anyone can take.

#Art #Opera #StrokeSurvivor