Website Update

It's been a while since I have updated so I thought I had better post this quick update.  The last few weeks have been taken up with a number of craft projects, mostly birthday presents and other gifts for people.  

The projects themselves have been a great source of rehabilitation for upper body motor skills, cognitive skills AND my eyesight as I strive to improve my recovery 11 months after my stroke.  While they have been challenging and a lot of fun they have made me realise how much we take for granted when we are well and sometimes how much of a struggle we must go through when we aren't as well as what we used to be.  I am only now recovering sensation in my left hand as a result!

So now I head back to completing my new look website, which, while the homepage is the same, the remainder has been completely revised.  All of the galleries have a fresh new look and there are many new features I can't wait to show off.  I've also got some rather fun projects coming up too.  More on these later, I better get back to it.  Have a great week.

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