A Work in Progress

Design for Ancient Egyptian Hedjet Crown - The White Crown

I know...what?  Two posts in two days?  As you may be able to tell I have been feeling rather creative lately and just want to share with you part of the artistic journey I have had and am currently undergoing.  

Working on The Diments was all kinds of a blessing for me in many ways.  Not only did it help me with a lot of post-stroke rehabilitation, both cognitive and physical, it also helped me rediscover my love of the physical act of making props, not just designing them.

Here is a sketch of what I am working on at the moment.  I've long been fascinated by the elaborate crowns worn by royalty in Ancient Egypt and so now have decided to make a few, starting with the White Crown or Hedjet Crown of Upper Egypt.  I'm also making a less demanding royal diadem as a bit of a distraction.  Photos will follow once the projects are complete.