An Update

Norse Shield Design

Norse Sword Design - NothungNorse Spear Design - Gugnir

It's been quiet around here for far too long, I know.  Here is a quick post to show you that I haven't slipped of the edge of the earth nor entered another realm, I have just been busy getting better, doing my rehab and most important of all, creating.

Here are a few of the objects I have made over the past couple of months, given my newly rediscovered love of prop making.  These have been invaluable lessons in my post-stroke rehabilitation.

As you can see I've spent some time making some of the props I designed a few years back for my Nibelungenlied Project, a work still in progress and one I return to regularly.

I'll post some pics of the Wagnerian Headdress I recently made, very soon.  In the meantime I am updating my website with my newest work so check back regularly for updates.  

All the very best of the Festive Season to you!