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Boris Godunov - Coronation Crown
Boris Godunov - Coronation Crown
Way back when I was studying set and costume design we were given the task of making some kind of headdress.  Being the opera nerd that I am, plus the fact that we could use anything that was in the costume storeroom cupboard where I found a real fur stole to use, I chose to do Boris Godunov's coronation crown from Mussorgsky's masterpiece.

It was one of the pieces I stupidly gave away when I left Perth to live in Melbourne and is now lost in the mists of time.  That one was rather sparsely decorated and I have always wanted to do another, more elaborate version, and here it is.

The urge to make an accompanying orb and sceptre is strong so you might be seeing these appear in the weeks to come.  In the meantime have a listen to the entire Coronation Scene below from the Rostropovich recording with Ruggero Raimondi as the haunted Tsar and enjoy the rest of your weekend.