Bling me up, Scotty!

Now that the Sexy Spartan project is over and my Garret finally cleaned, I've turned my attention to finishing a couple of projects I started a few months back but never had the time to complete to my full satisfaction.  

Therefore I decided to put some more bling on my Boris Godunov crown and age it to make it look a little more worn in.  The top cross will be reworked and replaced as well.

It's only early days yet because the plan is to eventually replace the fur part with something more worthy of Mussorgsky's mad Tzar.

While I've been doing that, I've been making a matching Coronation Orb, with plans in mind for the accompanying Sceptre.

From there, who knows?

Now is the time to tell me of your commission, I have spots open for late August and Spetember.

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