You Tote-ally need one of these...

...because just in case you missed it, parts of Australia are facing a total ban on single use plastic bags from December 31. FINALLY!

Personally I cannot believe the uproar this made when the ban came into place here in Western Australia and judging from similar reactions and stories on social media and news outlets countrywide, there was quite a lot of it elsewhere too. People need to get a fucking grip of themselves.


It got me to thinking about the ugly alternatives that the supermarkets have available which are basically pure advertising and not decorative at all.

Thanks to Redbubble I have now been able to make available a collection of tote bagsto combat this and do my bit not only for the environment but for taste and style.

These are available in 3 sizes, durable and made of poly-poplin. After seeing the quality of these through Husband ordering from Redbubble previously I can personally stand by the quality.

Click HERE, or the Redbubble logo to take you there and remember that your support not only does something really good for the planet but also contributes to my post-stroke rehabilitation. Have a great weekend.