Rheingold rework: Valhalla

Das Rheingold: the Appearance of the Rainbow Bridge
Das Rheingold: the Appearance of the Rainbow Bridge

As I have been turning my attention back to the Nibelungenlied Project I began back in about 2010, in order for it's first performance outing next year in the US, things have been rather quiet around here I know.

Currently I'm working through the images I created for Das Rheingold and giving them a bit more brightness and movement, something subtle but that also catches the eye.  For some of the bigger set pieces, in particular the transformation scenes, the animations will be a lot more elaborate as I want to capture what was originally intended in the concept I devised all those years ago.

One of the most rewarding aspects I have found so far is how much the concept has evolved in my mind's eye in the intervening time.  Getting the chance to apply this so far has been most of the fun.

I hope you stick around to watch my progress and in the meantime have a great weekend.