Happy New Year, 2019

The Eroticism of Nature, part 1

I know I'm a week late to the party but I thought I had better say Happy New Year to one and all.  This year has already begun in a manner I hope continues and gains momentum for the rest of the year, one of positivity, creativity and exciting projects a-plenty.

Lately I have rediscovered my interest in macro-photography, particularly with flora.  However with my eyesight the way it now is, post-stroke, I find it impossible to focus my eyes even with glasses let alone focus a camera!  Thank the gods for auto-focus is all I can say. 

Here is an image I took of something growing in my front garden recently.  The flower is only open for one day so I was stoked to have had the chance to capture this. I call it 'The Eroticism of Nature, part 1'.  

Now, it's back to working on headdresses.  Have a great week everyone.