New Work: La Boheme Act 3

La Boheme Act 3

Puccini's masterpiece La Boheme was my first operatic love and I figured it was about time I paid tribute to this most youthful of operas.  If ever there was an opera to introduce someone to the artform, this would be it.  

It's opera's gateway drug, for sure.  It certainly was mine and to this day I blame Renata Tebaldi.  She was my pusher. Without her influence I wouldn't have done Tosca, Madama Butterfly OR moved on to the heavier stuff: Wagner, Richard Strauss.  Sorry Mum and Dad, I hope you're still proud of me.

This is Act 3, I thought I'd start out easily.  Acts I/IV are sketched and an idea is forming for Act II.  Stick around.