Art in this time of Pandemic

Barber of Seville - Storm Scene
We certainly are living in interesting times right now. This year has been quite a whirlwind so far and we're only in March! What started for me as an extremely promising and exciting year quickly descended into chaos very early with the worldwide contagion that has forced us all indoors and to self-isolate.

My first cancellation was in late January with the proposed tour of China with the Australian International Opera Company being wisely cancelled, and then like dominoes all my commissions fell in rapid succession.

I am now done with the self-pity I descended into following this and have decided once once again to use this time creatively and FINALLY update my website and following that, my social media, which which have all sadly been neglected for the past few months. 

The plan is also to finish as many of the unfinished projects I have on constant boil and also create a few others to occupy my mind. So I do hope you stick around to see more and in the meantime click on the image above to read the story behind my Barber of Seville designs and see the final images.

Everyone in the Performing Arts worldwide right now is in the same boat and to use what is now an overused phrase, we are all in this together. So as you settle in for the upteenth show you binge watch on Netflix while you're required to stay at home, just remember who is keeping you staying relatively sane - ARTISTS!

Now go wash your hands and stay safe!