Wagnerian Bodice

Finally I feel inspired to create once again thanks to my new studio spaces and I have been very productive indeed. This is a bodice I designed for one of the Drei Damen in the now postponed production of Die Zauberflote I was working on when the restrictions hit our industry. I named it Wagnerian because... you know.

I had already cut out the foam when I had to down tools but after all of the house moving shenanigans and finally feeling settled in my new digs, I felt compelled to at least finish one of the three I had designed...one never wants to waste a good quality EVA foam.

Making this was a complete blast.  The process has also helped me refine the layout of the workshop, something which is still a work in progress as I further settle in.

If I get enough interest I may even add it to my Etsy shop for sale.  What do you think?