...following that I spent a fair while designing and making costumes and sets for both theatre and nightclub shows in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney.


I designed a gender bending King Lear which was performed at the Lighthouse Theatre in Woollahra, I think about 30 people came over the entire season.  The critics were savage to all but my work. looking back on the photos I can only wonder why I wasn’t savaged too.


There was also a time where I ran a costume design business in Melbourne called Drama Queen for a little while and painted murals of decadent Weimar Republic cabarets, a subject I love to this day, I was even commissioned a triptych of the subject a few years ago.


And so I ended back in Perth to spend more time on my art but somehow got sidetracked by the need to eat and therefore earn a living.  So since I’ve been back it’s been a matter of juggling full-time work with art.


I have however had a solo exhibition at the now defunct Soto Cafe in Mt Lawley back in 2005, in 2006 I did the artwork for a tarot based board game, a Demo CD cover in 2009, published a book cover in 2010, contributed album art in 2011, as well as other private commissions spanning these past few years.


Late 2013 - early '14 was very productive.  Australian Eloquence published a Tchaikovsky disc in late 2013 using one of my images, followed by the re-release of Karl Bohm's classic Elektra with Inge Borkh, using another.


The remainder of 2014 was taken up with the set and projection design for Operabox's new production, the modern Australian premiere of Donizetti's Anna Bolena, modern because it was the first time since 1875 that the opera has been performed on this continent.  The production was performed as part of the Perth Fringe World Festival to great success and nominated for a Fringe Award.


Late in 2015 I was invited by WA Opera to design their float submission for the annual WA Pride parade.


Between 2015 and mid 2016 I worked on on many design commissions, particularly for Graphic Design such as logos and branding as well as an increasing number of website design clients too.  Clients in include Giovanni Consort, Henry Choo, Operantics, Lost & Found, OperaBox and Hustle & Bustle Costumes.


In mid 2016 I suffered from a series of rather serious strokes and the remaining time has been taken up with recovery and rehabilitation.  As part of my self prescribed rehab I decided to rebuild this website.


2017 saw more recovery and rehabilitation, namely in the form of designing the sets for The Diments, Perth's first Rock Opera.  It was such an exciting project I couldn't have said no and one that I will have the privilege to revisit in 2018.


Since then, which was October, I have been concentrating on the making of props and headgear...stay tuned for more of these as I progress.


My story is not yet over...