Il Barbiere di Siviglia

Act 1, Scene 1
Act 2

Act 2, Storm Scene 1

Act 2, Storm Scene 2

Late in 2019 I was commissioned to do the projections for a touring production of Rossini's classic opera buffo, Il Barbiere di Sivigila (The Barber of Seville). While having been familiar with the work since a young teen and loving it, I took this opportunity to study it further and really get under it's skin.

The production was due to tour China in March 2020 but due to the current Covid-19 pandemic was wisely cancelled. We hope that once this is all over we'll be able to tour the show as originally planned.

Originally the commission was for 4 images, and Director Hugh Halliday and I had agreed on a design each for Act 1 and Act 2 with two storm scene images reflecting the internal chaos of each character. This was then amended to merely reflect the physical settings of each scene, ie Act 1 scenes 1 and 2 and another for Act 2.

So after much scrambling to finalise the image I had done for Act 1 scene 2, in order to reach the deadline, I was about 2 hours away from hitting send on the approved images when I got the email advising me that the tour had been cancelled.

Unfortunately I also suffered some kind of a software glitch which meant I lost all the work I did on the final image before being able to save it in a usable format. I was very happy about that as you can imagine. 

Anyhoo, during this time of self-isolation, given all my commissions for the forseeable future have dried up, my plan is to redo the image as so far my attempts at being able to restore the file in any usable form have amounted to zilch. Gods know I have tried and tried, alas to no avail. I'll add it when I can.